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about me


I build help bodies and brands that people love!❤️


Since birth I have been a rule breaker. 👋 I don’t follow trends, instead I define my beliefs and life by my experiences, what I learn from them, and where I feel happiest and in my deepest sense of power. 💪

I spent years trapped by cyclical anxiety/panic attack disorder, and stuck only thinking about my dream life (instead of creating it). For all of my 20’s and most of my 30’s I was employed in various corporate jobs that left me feeling stagnant, under-utilized and KNOWING that there just had to be more. And when I finally hit my “rock bottom” I decided to create my perfect day. One decision & action at a time.💥

In 2016 I took the leap to full-time entrepreneurship, opened a CrossFit gym with my husband💍, and continued my freelance design/branding business📱 that I had executed part-time for years.

This “blend” of fitness coaching/management & design truly aligns with what my strengths are, and how I can serve others best! ↪️ Fast forward 4 + years. I now spend my time coaching clients, helping women find weight loss plans that compliment their life & goals, and developing brands for entrepreneurs who also want to live their best life. TOTAL BLISS! 😍 The only regret I have is that I didn’t start sooner!


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