LadyBoss Review is it the right program for you?

If you are looking to lose weight, than I am sure that you noticed how many options there are online, and how confusing it is to know which program is right for you.


It can be really tempting to choose the easiest or cheapest solution out there.

However if the results are too easy, then there is a good chance they won’t last. Paleo, Low Carb, High Carb, Keto, you name it and someone is marketing it.

So how do you know if a program is worthy of your time & budget?

Easy. By researching and taking a chance on people like me who want to share their HONEST opinion, so that women like YOU get the results you deserve!


ladyboss review

Hey there! My name is Erin, I live in Canada with my husband and our dog Dex (#puppyobssessed). I own and run a CrossFit gym by day, and create my dream life by night!

I have been obsessed with all things fitness for over ✌️ decades. I have over 16 years of fitness & health experience, which has provided me with the insight needed to SAFELY “sift through” all the weight loss products online (with a critical eye), and know which ones will truly deliver what they claim. Then share those findings with you.


LadyBoss is a fitness system created by Kaelin Tuell Poulin that was created to inspire other women and empower them on their fitness journey after losing 65lbs herself.

ladyboss review

Kaelin’s journey mirrored so many emotions and struggles that we all face.

Frustration from being caught in the never ending diet cycle.

Embarrassment of NOT knowing what exercises to do when at the gym, and a fear of getting injured or looking out of place in the weight room.

Lacking TRUE self love, and waking up daily wishing that she could finally like what she saw in the mirror.

It wasn’t until she discovered her two biggest secrets that she shares in her book; BIG FAT LIES, that she really got what makes change happen and that is the WHY behind the desire for the change. It is this pivotal moment that catapulted her results and the LadyBoss fitness movement to what is it today. Which is a transformation fitness “club” that is changing women’s bodies, minds and confidence.

ladyboss review


Becoming a “LadyBoss” is a MENTALITY that you CHOOSE to step into. It’s your confident alter ego. Becoming a LadyBoss means putting aside all your doubts, all your fears, all of your excuses and every reason you think you can’t do it. And then claiming that sh@t boldly.

  • A LadyBoss is in control of her destiny, her situation, her health, her body, and in turn, her LIFE.

  • A LadyBoss is a no BS, take action, get it done, no compromise woman who values her integrity, confidence, self worth, and doesn’t change who they are for anybody but simply strives to be the best version of herself she can be. Basically it is the best “bomb-diggy” place to be on the interwebs.


To be honest I was surprised at how much VALUE and support is provided within Kaelin’s program. I tend to be a little cynical as due to my training as a coach I see so much false information being marketed to impressionable women online.

I love that Kaelin not only provides the training and nutrition needed to get results, BUT she also addresses a HUGE missing piece that I feel directly equates to massive success, which is MINDSET!

The LadyBoss system makes you part of a MOVEMENT...

ladyboss review

Kaelin has created a safe place for you to BE YOURSELF, and work on becoming a BETTER version of YOU...which without a doubt works as these are just a few of the hundreds, maybe thousands of before and afters associated with LadyBoss.

Here is a summary of all the support you get if you join the LadyBoss lifestyle.

  • AN INTERACTIVE PERSONAL TRAINING APP. GONE are the days of forgetting your paper workout log at home, OR having to carry it to every workout station you do. This I feel made getting results super easy.

ladyboss review
  • EASY & EFFECTIVE WORKOUTS FOR HOME OR THE GYM. This is great too. I personally like having access to both as there are some days that I “just can’t” lolol, and this makes me feel less guilty for NOT getting to the gym everyday.

  • INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS FOR ALL MOVEMENTS. (I don’t know about you but when I first learned to squat/deadlift I was ALWAYS second guessing if I was doing it right or the person next to me. Her videos take away that guessing and allow you to move confidently.

  • MEAL PLANS AND GROCERY LIST THAT ARE UPDATED WEEKLY. And the great thing is Kaelin GETS that food needs to be tasty for habits to last long term. I have always been a big believer in this. You can get results easily, but without LONG TERM enjoyment, they simply won’t last.

ladyboss review
  • PLUS SO MUCH MORE! ➡️ A private Facebook community, motivational videos/email messages to keep you going, restaurants guides for eating out & even her 🍦CRUSH CRAVINGS CHEAT SHEET. ➡️This one is a MUST HAVE!⬅️


As with ANY program the results you get are dictated by two things; the actual program, and your consistency.

With that being said this program GIVES YOU EVERYTHING you need to make those results happen, all you have to do is follow it. The amount of transformations I have found from the LADYBOSS LIFESTYLE has been amazing. Here are just a few for inspiration. (note: I have removed their last names for privacy reasons, and I do not own the rights to these images).

ladyboss review


A big old Fitness Thumbs Up From Me! 👍🏼

ladyboss review

Kaelin has created a program that touches on ALL of the most important elements for someone like you to succeed, and make it a lifestyle.

She is relatable, knowledgable and down right inspiring! The principles that teaches nutritionally & the training she suggests align perfectly with what I know to be quality from my 20+ years being a fitness professional, and I would like to applaud her for debunking the BIG FAT LIES that the diet industry is constantly trying to sell us.

And for “comparative” sake I have also included how her program stacks up against her competitors.

ladyboss review

ladyboss review

About Erin

Erin is a CrossFit gym owner from Toronto, Canada 🇨🇦, and a confessed puppy lover. Her mission in life is to find more time to nap with her dog and walk/live by the Ocean.

Life’s potential is limitless. This she believes deeply & tries to infuse into everyone she meets.

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